Unity Satellite API

Unity is delivered with a complete web service API that allows easy to use integration from and to any external systems. This mean a single API that can allow management in real time across many existing major satellite networks like Iridium, Inmarsat BGAN, FBB, GSPS, SBB, Inmarsat GX, Thuraya …

A highly secure API environment that offer Uniform Real Time provisioning, access to instant billing details, monitoring and much more. Any functionality offered in our frontends is available in the Unity API.

Developer Environment

Unity API is delivered with a complete easy to use developer environment that allows the developers to get started almost instantly – they can reuse their existing username + password created in the live interface. Simply enter the credentials and get started – each group will contain a list of API possibilities – click on these and see what is mandatory and optional values – clicking samples will offer prefilled samples that allow fast learning.

Own Environment

With Unity API is it very easy to integrate tour provisioning, billing and monitoring into any existing environment – allow Unity to become a part of a bigger setup – it can also act in the other way where Unity Frontend become an interface for other systems – allow easy and simple management.

Cyber Security

API Security is the convergence of information assurance, cyber security protection, and identity access control. Unity APIs represent the logical tier of abstraction to enable legacy and modern technologies to connect and integrate. Security is an essential aspect of our business enablement via APIs as this exposes information and access into and out of the information border. Thus, our API has also become the logical point of centralizing API Security processing.

Transparent Provisioning

Integrating to Unity API will allow the operator direct access to underlying functionality and API’s, meaning direct integration to Inmarsat DPI, To Inmarsat Prepaid API, to SAP finance API, to POP manager API, to Iridium SOAP API, to Thuraya SOAP API, to Inmarsat M2M API, to Inmarsat SEP gateway, To Inmarsat APIGEE API and alike.

This mean that this transparent web service in a simple way allow the operator to be directly connected without a lot of development – and our GUI across frontend and operator dashboard are easily operated in parallel.


Our API interface is developed in the latest standards with the easy to read and handle REST JSON standard that at the same time is super lightweight.