Inmarsat POP for I4 & GX

Mobileware offer several option for the operator – making sure the the operator can get fast in place operating Inmarsat services across Inmarsat BGA, GSPS, FBB, SBB as well as the new Inmarsat GX.

Our different POP options integrate fully into Unity from very advanced provisioning to offering customer self-care on own firewall services building profiles, rule-set as well as firewall settings.

Inmarsat I4 and GX

Mobileware POP infrastructure allow the same POP to be connected directly to Inmarsat I4 meetme point in Telecity with dedicated wired connections point to point – and offer at the same time the ability to offer several SVN connections for Inmarsat GX – multiple SVN connections allow the operator to offer different IP ranges on GX terminal ports. All IP inventory for I4 will be managed directly from our POP Manager and on GX will IP management take place directly in Unity that allow the operator to activate and handle all IP management in a few click.

POP Advanced

This is based on the same instrastructure as our POP Light – allowing full redundancy and failover across any component. This POP setup come with more advanced traffic monitoring and trouble shooting tools for the different Inmarsat terminals across I4 and GX.

The biggest advantage with our advanced POP offer id the ability to offer customers to manage own firewall profiles, ruleset and firewall settings directly through GUI in Unity in a super easy and simple way.

POP Building Support

Mobileware also offer the operator to help building an own POP infrastructure – deliver drawings and documents with guidelines, estimated cost for establishment, and support in how to get going with example RIPE, what is needed at Telecity, how to perform BGP failover, get firewall VPN connectivity with failover in direction to Inmarsat POP, how to build a redundant Radius.

POP Light

Complete POP environment in example Amsterdam that offer all needed functionality with redundant radius servers, redundant firewalls with failover incoming as well as outgoing both in direction of Inmarsat and Internet into Telecity infrastructure using BGP and handling of own IP ranges for static as well as dynamic assignments. This integrate directly with our POP Manager that handle all administration centralized no matter how many POP setup is managed.

POP Shareds

The operator can also start based on our shared POP infrastructure – where we assign dedicated static IP ranges to be mapped with the operators assigned Inmarsat APN – Inmarsat will establish a virtual APN for the operator that is mapping to our shared infrastructure. This shared infrastructure can offer both Inmarsat I4 connectivity as well as Inmarsat GX connectivity.

POP Manager

Our POP Manager are installed directly on the POP and handle all management across provisioning, IP assignment, firewall rules as well as POP logic – across replicating data across multiple radius servers, firewalls and allow advanced logging on the POP.

POP Manager communicate directly with Unity through a dedicated REST JSON API interface that allow simple and easy integration. Our POP Manager can also integrate directly with the operators own build POP infrastructure.