The MOBILWARE is a strategic partner for new operators entering into the satellite business. A one-stop shop for all your system needs, featuring advanced real-time billing, provisioning and a comprehensive self care environment. Providing simplicity across all functional areas. Enabling an interactive and clean E-strategy. We create user friendly high-impact solutions to help your business grow.

Provisioning & Billing for Satellite

Mobilware solutions are used to manage and support satellite telephony subscriber bases, hierarchical invoicing, for both prepaid as well as postpaid services. Focusing on your business, we deploy integrated end-to-end solutions, tailored to meet your objectives and exact needs.

Powering Global Connectivity

Mobilware is the leading provider of global mobile satellite provisioning & billing services, delivering reliable real time services for connectivity globally. at sea and air.

We design for what will be

As the leader and pioneer of mobile satellite provisioning billing, spending and usage controls, advanced monitoring and notifications. Mobilware has been powering global operators for over 20 years making sure the core environments are running in a stable way, concurently adapting and constantly evolving.

Dedicated to Satelitte Business

The combination of market-leading solutions and an affordable service model, have already created win-win partnerships between ourselves and some of the world's largest service-providers in Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Our solutions help you automate your billing, provisioning and customer care operations, improving your profitability and customer satisfaction.

With our clients, we create experiences for humans, enabled by technology. Together, we design a smarter future for satellite business.

Why Us?

Because no one else does it like we do, low prices, market leading solutions, time to market almost zero. Our employees' creative minds thrive on diversity. So be prepared to see things in a new and smarter way. We aren't big-headed design freaks who think we have all the answers. We invite you to contribute, challenge and help us understand precicely what your needs are. At Mobilware we believe meaningful innovation can only occure with a partnership between us. we never lose sight of the real world, a global economy where markets and money demand no-fuss fixes, invisible ones, even. Because our design is about more than visually pleasing webpages, it's about powerful solutions that give your company a long-term competitive edge.

Mobilware Teams

With a worldwide team of professionals, we help ambitious companies make innovation happen. Our aim is to create strong and sustainable business value through strategy and strong technical design. Developing across the entire customer experience, our interdisciplinary teams create compelling products, features, services and experiences driving customer engagement resulting in measurable business growth.