Real-time Traffic Monitoring

Unity are processing all satellite traffic in real time – this allow any level of users across operator, partners, companies and subscribers to keep an almost instant view across the business.

Monitoring are working on spending and usage – spending can be monitored on subscriber level as well as on package level having many trigger possibilities, on usage are traffic grouped into predefined groups across voice traffic, data traffic and streaming traffic.

Spending Monitoring

Spending can be monitored on subscriber/vessel level, meaning all package created under a user will be monitored through a single monitoring point - this monitoring will be reset every time a new billing / monitoring period is starting.

Spending monitoring on package level have several trigger levels that can be enabled or disabled, and also offer the ability to auto suspend a package in case I max trigger is hit – in case of auto suspend will package also automatically be enabled again when entering into a new billing period.

The user can enter many monitoring triggers for spending, every-time spending are hitting a trigger will notification and possible associated actions be performed.

General Monitoring

Unity have many integrated monitoring features that keep the customer fully updated about a lot of important trigger points an example can be when a package has used all included allowance then will Unity inform the users about allowance now have been fully used. On prepaid are lots of integrated triggers generating notifications on low wallet balance, warning about wallet balance close to expire, top-up notification and similar.

Monitoring notifications

Triggered monitoring points can activate several types of output – across email messages, SMS messages, file output, API calls that can allow external system management linked to triggered actions. It is possible to trigger outgoing notifications to any level of users, and many email addresses can be entered under a package being monitored.

Credit Risk Monitoring

Minimizing the risk of not getting the invoices paid or simply in real time keeping a close eye on satellite usage for the different partners and users – Credit risk and revenue assurance keep a close view on how each single partner, company and subscriber is performing linked to the entered credit monitoring values that will be working across any number of billing periods.

Usage Monitoring

Usage can be monitored across data, voice and streaming – each group can be monitored on several levels, when hitting max level is it also possible to get Unity to perform auto-suspend and when entering into a new period with possible included allowance or money bundle will package again be automatically resumed.

Usage monitoring can be monitoring daily, weekly or monthly across the different groups, each group will be graphically displaying the triggers linked to the current usage allowing the user fast access to see what is going on across the different packages.

Monitor Group Packages

Group packages having 2 to 300 Sim cards can be monitored in the same way as single Sim cards – in the case that auto suspend are enabled will these packages be suspended incremental when traffic is processed through the actual Sim card – and when a new period is starting will all suspended packages again be enabled.

Easy Overview

Through a simple and easy to user interface environment can any user level fast see what is the current state of their monitoring both on postpaid, prepaid as well as GROUP and SCAP packages – that allow the user to see how much allowance are included, have been used as well as see the current monitoring level based on intuitive colors for each package as well as group. The user can fast and easy adjust monitoring settings – every time will Unity be logging the performed actions making sure there is a trace of performed changes.