POP Manager

Integrating a satellite business system directly with own Inmarsat POP can easily be done by adding our POP manager directly on the POP – it will manage all radius servers, manage redundant firewalls, allow advanced data management in the POP as well as allow direct access to perform more advanced troubleshooting.

Radius management

POP manager integrate directly with the operators installed radius servers – make sure that data are replicated across multiple radius servers to maintain redundancy. POP manager is integrate to most known radius products across Free radius, Steel Belted radius from Juniper or similar. When an IMSI are provisioned will IMSI and IP address be added to radius databases.

Spending monitoring on package level have several trigger levels that can be enabled or disabled, and also offer the ability to auto suspend a package in case I max trigger is hit – in case of auto suspend will package also automatically be enabled again when entering into a new billing period.

The user can enter many monitoring triggers for spending, every-time spending are hitting a trigger will notification and possible associated actions be performed.

Inmarsat GX IP management

Static IP addresses and dynamic assigned IP addresses are in our Inmarsat GX setup done directly in Unity, meaning this is not currently managed by the POP Radius servers or the POP manager – Our Unity GX gateway will manage and handle all IP addressing across GX terminal ports based on the preconfigured SVN setup - Each SVN will only be able to manage a single IP range on a terminal if more is needed will more SVN be needed. Inmarsat GX do support Radius integration but this feature is not yet available on the current Inmarsat GX setup.

Customer Firewall Self-care

Customers can directly through Unity be managing their firewall services on own Sim cards – this management allow them to build profiles that can be applied to existing or new Sim cards – Under a profile can rule set be defined that contain multiple firewall rules. All will be managed through a nice and easy to use graphical interface – that at the same time will be presenting downlink and uplink data usage.

Data Capture Service

POP manager can perform data capture directly on one of the monitoring ports on the managed switches in the POP setup. POP manager can also perform real time data capture through a list of log files like Syslog from firewalls and from Radius log file.

Inmarsat I4 IP management

All IP addresses linked to the POP setup are handled directly by the POP manager – ranges are installed on firewalls and radius servers – but actual IP address assignment are performed by POP manager, Unity provisioning will after successful Inmarsat Sim card activation send a request to POP manager to get a public or private IP address across static or dynamic.

Firewall management

In a POP setup will it be needed to have full redundancy across at least two firewalls in direction of Inmarsat as well as in direction of Internet with full support for BGP handling. If customers are going to be offered advanced firewall services, then can this be applied through the already installed firewalls that can be Cisco ASA or Juniper Firewalls.

Provisioning Web Service

Connecting Unity provisioning directly with the POP through the POP manager is easy – the installed POP manager come with an integrated web service (REST JSON based API interface) that allow all needed functionality and associated data flow. This allow Unity to interact and manage any Sim cards and assigned IP address .

Advanced Data Throttling

If Unity are reaching certain trigger levels for data can this result in request to POP manager for applying throttling on the data speed directly through the firewalls – so that data isn’t removed but being geared down in speed to prevent extremely high data usage on Sim cards.