Satellite Provisioning

Unity are having a very comprehensive unified satellite provisioning capability that handle provisioning workflow into Iridium (Openport, Certus, PTT, Postpaid, Prepaid, SBD, GDB), Inmarsat I4 (BGAN, GSPS, SBB, FBB, ISATHUB, M2M, IDP), Inmarsat GX (Maritime, Government, Enterprise, Business Aero, Commercial Aero..), Inmarsat IDRS, Thuraya, Orbcomm, Eutelsat, Intelsat, SES.. as well as into operators own service platforms. Basically a single Satellite Business System handling any provisioning workflow in an intelligent way.

Provisioning Environment

It allows the operator to gather all in a single interface for daily operation and a single interface for provisioning management.

Operators are typically buying their satellite services from many different proviuders like Inmarsat Iridium or even from large resellers like Singtel, AST Group, Network Innocation or similar - These many providers typically offer provisioning through their own dedicated customer portal systems, which make it difficult for the operator to manage their terminals and simcards when the number start to grow.

Unity gather all user management and terminal/simcard management into a single provisioning environment that offer end to end provisioning through API integration across the many providers - the number of advantages is very long for the operator and most daily tasks will be automated as an integrated part of Unity, acter succesful activation will example an outgoing email be send to the operators customer with all details like IMSI, MSISDN, links to support, getting started, user guides and similar - all supported in multi language.

Customer Self-Care

Any level of customers can login and in real time view and managed the data that the operator allow the given customer to manage and access. This allow resellers, companies and subscribers to gain full control with own services in a easy and simple way. Unity also provides alias accounts with dedicated permissions, staff, support and admin accounts to handle role-based tasks directly. It is also possible to create management users across any companies or subscribers example allowing a captain or a pilot to have access to multiple vessels or aircrafts.

Inmarsat I4 provisioning

Inmarsat Provisioning have been supported for more than 20 years in Unity so it is a very solid and proven solution that integrate into Inmarsat API allowing full real time control across (BGAN, GSPS, FBB, IDP, M2M, SBB, LINK) - Activate simcards directly, Disconnect, Suspend, Resume, Migrate to new customer, Upgrade, Downgrade, add services, remove services, edit speed. Manage group packages, set monitoring across a swift range of parameters, handle integrated allowance across money or across usage - data, streaming, messaging, voice..

Iridium Provisioning

Integrate directly with Iridium provisioning API and allow complete management of post-paid and prepaid subscriptions. Activate Iridium terminals directly as operator or allow your partners to perform this action on assigned inventory.

Product Catalogue

When a new template are created for a product will it need to be placed in the product catalogue where the operator can manage which partners are allowed to resell it – products in the catalogue will be able to be grouped and can based on dates be made available or hidden. Products in the catalogue can be used to generate smart price books for the different partners allowing them to have differentiated price lists directly available if price book feature have been delivered as a part of the delivery.

Intelligent Service Orders

Unity are allowing the operator and partners to operate Iridium, Inmarsat as well as internal services from a single intelligent interface – requested services can be activated in a few clicks as a lot of data filling are taking place in the background based on predefined profiles. So select package then simcard and click create – simple and smart. In our service order interface is it possible to follow end to end progress and also clearly see generated errors.

Inmarsat GX

Unity are directly connected with Inmarsat SEP interface for GX where it can perform all the different provisioning actions across operator on-boarding, site on-boarding and terminal handling. Processes that normally take a lot of actions are turned into a profile based activation where Unity perform all manual activities in a smart way.

Thuraya Provisioning

Integration is an optional functionality not part of our standard offering – as it demand integration to three different platforms – but can be added as an extra service.

VoIP Provisioning

we provide direct integration to SipXcon, Asterisk, Sipexecs, Skytel and similar – again this is not a part of the normal offering – need to be added as an extra service.

Unity Provisioning API

Our platform is delivered with a complete API environment that delivers all frontend functionality through a single uniform API (REST JSON) based. This allows simple and easy integration to any external systems that the operator or partners would like to be adding to the business setup. This environment is delivered with a complete API sandbox developer environment.

POP Integration

Unity can integrate directly with your POP environment – we can make API calls, send any form of files to assign IP addresses, provision simcards, manage firewall rules / profiles. For more advanced integration do we offer our POP manager that allow smart radius management, firewall handling allowing your customers to perform firewall self-care across their packages, real time traffic sniffing, syslog handling and even smart throttling of bandwidth across VSAT, Inmarsat I4 and similar.

Workflow Notifications

Any workflow inside Unity across User provisioning, package activation, Auto suspend and alike – can generate outgoing notifications. To operator, to reseller, to company, to subscriber – all these workflow-based notifications can be output as SMS, as Email, as Files as well as any combination. Notifications are generated based on predefined templates that support HTML emails including Base64 formatted images for smart delivery. An example on a workflow notification could be after successful BGAN package create will a welcome letter be send to the subscriber containing all terminal and simcard related details + link to manuals + contact details for the operators support.

Provisioning of wholesale

Buying a traffic bundle in the form of a wholesale package like example Inmarsat offer on ISATHUB and M2M is easily managed inside Unity – Unity will keep track of the wholesale package and send notifications in the case it is smarter to upgrade to a bigger package. The operator can provision and resell traffic as post-paid, group packages or prepaid packages.

Eutelsat Provisioning

Unity have integrated both Eutelsat SOAP API that allow VSAT provisioning as well as the newer API that is JSON based allowing activation, suspend, resume, disconnect as well as offer integrated access to product cataloge so our product wizard can automatically be listing available packages..

GX Terminal Remote configuration

Unity will based on the associated and selected terminal profile be configuring up to 32 different ports on a GX terminal across routing, IP handling, SVN setting, deactivation profiles and similar – all managed from Unity UnitGate that allow terminal handling from the ground.

GX Assurance Data

Unity will constantly capture up to 88 different assurance data from Inmarsat APIGEE Gateway allowing historical reporting, traffic data, QoS measurements across MIR/CIR, location tracking every 5 minutes – a swift range of terminal performance data.

Package Profiles

Designing new products and packages are done in templates that form and define a set of services to be added to a product. The operator can put together products that are 100% based on the underlying satellite network or build own packages using the comprehensive options made available through the templates.

Package Wizard

Packages for Inmarsat I4 across BGAN, GSPS, FBB, SBB, ISATHUB, M2M can directly be formed and build using our I4 package wizard that have all data from the latest Inmarsat Package Definition documents. On Inmarsat GX will package wizard integrate directly with the new API and extract the sale catalogue for a given operator or SubVAR – again allowing the operator to build many different profiles based on the same packages. Also Iridium are directly integrated through the current Iridium SOAP interface.

Remote Terminal Manager

Our product UnitGate deliver advanced satellite terminal management – can be used to bootstrap configure a new terminal, remote manage an existing terminal, keep track of moved traffic data linked to remote management – it is integrating to terminals using SMS, secure IP terminal sessions operating across Inmarsat AT commands, 3GPP specific AT commands as well as Terminal specific AT commands like for M2M. UnitGate integrate to Inmarsat GX terminals, to Inmarsat I4 terminals – and allow the operator to defined profiles making it easy and simple to handle example software upgrades. This is an optional service that need extra contract.

UnitGate M2M

This gateway act as a transparent M2M gateway for IoT connected units under satellite M2M terminals – in the case of Inmarsat I4 M2M will the gateway operate in PUSH/PULL mode when it come to the actual terminal assurance data using SMS and IP connectivity – with Inmarsat GX is it all IP based on top of the new APIGEE gateway. UnitGate can operate in transparent mode integrating directly with external M2M platforms based on the standard Open M2M API’s – or it can operate as a data store for reported data like location, temperature and similar. This is an optional service that need extra contract – see more under M2M UnitGate.

Automated workflow

Unity will be able to have a workflow defined for a given action – it can be to activate an Inmarsat BGAN simcard and when done following add the Static IP address to multiple radius server and then add the requested firewall profile to the firewalls -or example Inmarsat GX can there be 15-25 API calls to be performed to activate a single terminal this is all automated in Unity workflow handler..